Blue Mountain Eagle recognized for community wildfire coverage

The Blue Mountain Eagle and EO Media Group newsrooms in Eastern Oregon have been working tirelessly to inform their communities this fire season. On September 9, Oregon Public Radio’s Think Out Loud recognized those efforts and spoke with Eagle Interim Editor Tim Trainor on the air.

“The Blue Mountain Eagle has to collect and spread crucial information with limited reporting resources, and the paper only comes out once a week,” said host Dave Miller, introducing the segment.

“We’ve had to be very online-centric, on social media and on Facebook, and on our website to get as much information as we can quickly,” Trainor said. “I got a call when things got really bad Saturday morning from the county sheriff at about 4:45 a.m., sirens were going off in town and he needed to get out very quickly that Prairie City was evacuating. For better or worse, every 30 seconds people are checking their phones, checking their Facebook, and if we can get that information to them it might make the whole thing go a little easier.”

Blue Mountain Eagle website traffic reflected the newsroom’s social media efforts. From the moment that fire threatened the community in mid-August until Labor Day weekend, visits to the site grew exponentially, with 60 percent of all traffic coming from the newsroom’s Facebook posts.

Update: EO Media Group Facebook Pages

Here at the EO Media Group, not only do we maintain websites for our various products, but we have social media accounts tied to those products as well. Every wonder what Facebook pages we have?

This is an update from this post on EO Media Group Facebook Pages, posted February 2013.

Take a look at the list below and make sure to like our pages!

Blue Mountain Eagle Redesigned Website Unveiled

Blue Mountain Eagle Website

Blue Mountain Eagle Website

JOHN DAY, Oregon — The news hasn’t changed, but the Blue Mountain Eagle website has, as of April 17.

The EO Media Group is excited to announce the redesign of the Blue Mountain Eagle website. This redesign is a big step in our continuing digital advancement. It will allow Blue Mountain Eagle the flexibility in how they deliver the news, information and advertising. The goal with the new site design is to give Blue Mountain Eagle readers a cleaner and less cluttered view of their offerings by improving the readability and attractiveness. The new site will also provide Blue Mountain Eagle with a better foundation from which new features and ideas can be added to the site in the future, which will benefit their readers and advertisers as well.

The Blue Mountain Eagle staff, EO Media Group Digital and Design Teams have been hard at work for months with specialists from NewsCycle Solutions to create the new Blue Mountain Eagle site. Frequent readers of the site will notice some changes.

Responsive Design

Implementing a responsive design was one of the main benefits in upgrading our site. Responsive design means that pages of our site is optimized for mobile and tablet browsing. The site will automatically resize to fit all computer and mobile-device screens. Because one unified site will fit all the different platforms, mobile readers will for the first time have access to all the same content available on the desktop site. Only selected stories in each section were displayed on the previous mobile site, making it hard for readers to find the content they were looking for.

Advertising and classifieds

The site redesign provided an opportunity to refine the placement of advertising on the site and allowing for larger ad sizes. The responsive design also allowed for adapting ad sizes presented on different screen sizes.

Another big change is in the look and feel of the classifieds. This section is also built in responsive design allowing readers the flexibility to navigate the listings on the go. The previous site’s classifieds were not mobile friendly.


Digital replicas of the Blue Mountain Eagle newspaper is available on desktop, as well as Apple and Android phone and tablet apps. The eEdition provides a page-by-page replica of the main Blue Mountain Eagle, as well as special sections.

Print newspaper subscribers receive full access to the digital eEdition included with their subscription. The eEdition app can be set up to automatically download each week’s newspaper for viewing even when not connected to the Internet. The apps are free to download through iTunes, Google Play and the Kindle App store, but a subscription is required to view the eEditions.

Any design takes some getting used to. A team will be monitoring the new site during the launch phase and doing our best to fix any glitches or problems that arise. Try the new design for a few days and tell us what you think, what we’ve missed and what you like at The site will continue to evolve as small changes are made and the site is fine-tuned. It is an ongoing process of designing, gathering feedback and refining.

Update to corporate website completed

The Digital Team is excited to announce that we have finished version 2.0 of our Publishing section of the corporate website,

This redesign was a restructuring of not only the look, but the admin system for those editing the site. Our fresh, new look strengthens the brand styles we set forth in our initial redesign last year. It also gives us more information on each publication, and sets the stage to be able to add more as needed. Each publication now has its own individual page where visitors can find information on our apps & websites, e-editions, history, social media links, promotional videos, staff information, contact numbers and more.

This redesign was built with a responsive layout so people learning about EO Media’s publishing operations on their phone will have as great an experience as those using a large display.

Thanks to EJ and the EO for providing the newspaper art.

See it at

Please visit the site and offer suggestions, corrections or additions to

The Digital Media Team: Laura Sellers, Crindalyn Lyster, Travis Clark, Jon Cagle and Dominic Baez.

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Community engagement

Over the past several weeks in our weekly Digital Team newsletter, we’ve passed along some great tips to our newsrooms for help with community engagement following on the heels of a post by Steve Buttry, a Digital Transformation Editor at Digital First Media. Below we have brought together highlights of our newsletter tips and Steve’s “Engagement Editors Workshop” slides as well as his post about that workshop.

What is community engagement?
It’s news organizations making it a top priority to listen, to join, lead and enable conversations to elevate journalism.

Ways of engaging:

  • Community blogs
  • Seek community content (words, photos, videos)
  • Curation, aggregation
  • Contests
  • Voting
  • Comments
  • Schools
  • Community Groups
  • Feedback
  • Community news and events
  • Breaking News
  • Crowdscourcing
  • Social media
  • Don’t forget the newspaper!
  • Face to face

Priority. Community engagement doesn’t work as an afterthought. Engaging is hard work, and won’t get the time and attention it needs if the organization doesn’t stress its importance. More important, the community is smart and people will quickly recognize when engagement is lip service, rather than a priority.

Listen. Engagement is not mere promotion. If your engagement is all about telling the community what’s important and what you’re doing, or about gathering cheap content, it’s not engaging. You need to listen and respond. You need to change direction sometimes because you value the feedback from the community you’re listening to.

Join. You can’t expect to host all the conversation on your website or in your newspaper. People are discussing community news and issues in lots of important physical and digital places in the community. You need to join those discussions and respect the stature of others who are leading conversation.

Lead. News organizations need to be leaders in the community conversation (organizations with print roots and a history of editorial leadership already have such a role). By listening and joining other conversations, you earn the respect you need to lead.

Conversation. Lecturing and one-way reporting may have their place, but engagement is a multi-directional conversation, where you listen to people, pass along their knowledge to others, ask thoughtful questions and provide thoughtful answers. Conversation is human and personal (sometimes fun, sometimes sad, sometimes angry, sometimes rejoicing). Conversation requires a friendly voice.

Journalism. Engagement is an approach that can and must serve and improve our journalism. It may have some marketing benefit, but the purpose is better journalism.

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EO Media Group Twitter accounts

Here at the EO Media Group, not only do we maintain websites for our various products, but we have social media accounts tied to those products as well. Every wonder what Twitter accounts we have or staff use Twitter? Take a look at the list below and make sure to follow us!

EO Media Group Staff

Capital Press Staff

The Daily Astorian

East Oregonian

Blue Mountain Eagle

Hermiston Herald

Coast River Business Journal

Seaside Signal

EO Media Group Facebook Pages

Here at the EO Media Group, not only do we maintain websites for our various products, but we have social media accounts tied to those products as well. Every wonder what Facebook pages we have? Take a look at the list below and make sure to like our pages!

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EO Media Group releases e-Edition Apple apps

And now, the moment many of our readers have been waiting for: EO Media Group announces the release of e-Edition Apple apps for our publications.

The apps will are available for the following Apple products: iPad, iPhone and iTouch. Each e-Edition app provides an exact replica version of the print version which you can “flick” through along with many other features, including:

  • Easy navigation using all iOS gestures
  • Easy reading of complete stories without jumping to other pages
  • Enlarge or reduce viewing
  • Enabled for offline reading on the go wherever you use your device
  • Easy sharing of articles via social media or email
  • Easily access an archive of previous editions.
Each e-Edition app provides an exact replica version of the print version which you can “flick” through along with many other features.

Each e-Edition app provides an exact replica version of the print version which you can “flick” through along with many other features.

All of this, combined with our publications’ award-winning news coverage and all the great special sections produced by each publication. The apps will be free to download, but a print or online subscription will be required to view the e-editions. So, rest assured, if you are a subscriber, you have full access. If users already have an account for our e-Editions, the same information will be used to log into the apps. Kindle and Android apps are in development.

As the world of technology changes, EO Media Group has been seeking new ways to serve our readers in the digital age. We are committed to delivering information to our readers on whatever platform they need.

Tecnavia, which powers the apps, provides the vital technology to help us accomplish our digital goals. Apps will be available for our core products: Daily Astorian, East Oregonian, Hermiston Herald, Captial Press, Oregon Coast Today, Chinook Observer, Blue Mountain Eagle and Wallowa County Chieftain.

Direct links to our publications apps:

EO Media Group’s digital team wins national awards

Discover Our Coast

EO Media Group’s digital team earned three awards in the 2012 Local Community Web Site Contest run by Local Media Association. The contest covered the top web initiatives from community and suburban newspapers across North America.


The contest was judged by the Missouri School of Journalism and the Donald W. Reynolds Journalism Institute. Judging was based on the newspapers’ paid content, investigative reporting, breaking news, use of social media and online sales initiatives. The awards were:

The digital media team is comprised of Digital Development Director Laura Sellers, Digital Media Director Crindalyn Lyster, Digital Product Developer Travis Clark, Multimedia Producer Eric Keto, and former Digital Sales Specialist Whitney Christensen.

EO Media Group publications move to new e-edition platform

All the EOMG publications are now housing their e-editions with Tecnavia. We made this move because of dissatisfaction with the TownNews version of hosting exact replicas of the print edition, and because of the additional features Tecnavia provides.

For instance, not only is the interface friendlier, but also it allows readers to download the edition for offline viewing, convert stories to Spanish, have stories read to them, jump directly to jumps, email stories, receive emails on topics important to them, and view on all mobile devices.

Coming soon are mobile apps that will improve the way the edition is viewed on a variety of screens, including e-readers. Also, a Newspapers in Education component will serve our schools much better.

For many of our publications, an e-tearsheet module means advertisers can pull down their own digital tearsheets after an email arrives letting them know if its availability. This is a big time-saver.

Newsrooms and production departments are also saving time, since sending the pages is automated from the computer-to-plate system, and individual ads no longer need to be uploaded.

Most customers seem to like the new system, although having to create a new account has stymied some.

All in all, once all the pieces are in place, this was a move well worth making.